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Get A Great Guy Guide - Get A Guy To Like You Back

how to attract a guy


Do you want to develop irresistible attraction to men?

Do you want to harness the ability to set a clear direction of what the RIGHT man is and what to do when you meet him?

Do you see people more successful than you in love and wonder what their secret is?

Do you want to get a guy to like you?

Do you want to know how to to attact a good man?

It all comes down to one crucial ingredient......

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Get-A-Guy Product Details

If you want more success in attracting and developing relationships with men, if you want to know the difference betweent getting ANY man and getting the RIGHT man, if you want to develop a killer mindset that is going to give you irresistible attraction, if you want to know how to get a guy to like you fast then you have to check out Meet Your Sweet's ultimate attraction guide for women.

What's Inside :

Find out what men really want from a relationship and discover the biggest mistakes that women make that will make him lose interest. (He’ll know you’re one in a million when you don’t make these common mistakes)
Find out the one thing that you must do that will increase your chances of success with the right man.
How to flirt with men for women and do it so that you get that guy that you want.
7 practical and powerful secrets to making him want to commit to you. Some of these may surprise you, but you NEED to apply these secrets to maximize your chances of being in a happy and committed relationship.
The 3 deadliest myths about dating, things you MUST clear out of your head before you hit the playground. (Belief in any of these commonly believed myths and you are handicapping yourself in relationships with men from day 1).
The absolute worst mistakes that women make on first dates with men that leads them to kiss goodbye to a second date.
Get a Guy to like you back - discover 3 principles to attracting and keeping a great Man in your life.

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"mirabelle your new book is right up my street. its just what i need to attract and keep the right man, with whom i can build and share a positive future with. i especially like the idea of letting go of any limiting beliefs i may have about love, in order to radiate the confidance to attract and keep that right man. i love receiving your emails you write such common sense."

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"A sassy smart woman's guide to modern men, seasoned with a dash of wit and a dose of candor!"
(Amy Waterman, author of How to Be Irresistible to Men, ) "

Actual user feedback from Amy Waterman -

"I haven’t writen to you before, but thanks so much for your fantastic newsletter series. I don’t know how you guys do it, but you always seem to be talking to me. I like it so much, I read sections of them aloud to my new boyfriend, who nods emphatically in agreement with some of the “man stuff” you wrote regarding the fire-gazing and how men and women are inherently different."
Actual user feedback from

"I feel as though this book is speaking to me. I'm finally starting to see where I have been going wrong. Thanks for putting this advice out there for women in need. "
Actual user feedback from Alma D.

The Get A Great Guy Guide, plus Bonuses

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