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Guide to a 2nd Chance in Love - How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex

2nd Chance in Love by Mirabelle


Are you looking for ways to win back your
Have you ended a relationship and will do
anything to get it back?

The first thing you need to do is stop doing what you are currently doing. You need to think strategically. Think Clearly.

What is the best approach you can take that will guarantee your best chance of success at getting your ex back?

If you aren't sure, then you need to put an end
to the guesswork and get the real answers....

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Product Details

"If you're going through the emotional turmoil of a break-up with a man that you really didn't want to happen (or now regret happening), then you have my whole hearted sympathy. I know what you are going through, I've been there, it isn't a happy place and it isn't an exaggeration to say that it might even feel like someone has just died." Mirabelle

What you need is a 2nd Chance in Love which is just one of our Top Dating Tips Products for Women.

What's Inside :

Learn how to pinpoint the precise reasons for your breakup so that you can use this separation as an OPPORTUNITY for you to get perspective on the relationship, understand where it hasn't been perfect, and imagine what the future might look like for both of you.

5 essential tips for a 2nd Chance for what to do if you accidentally bump into your ex boyfriend or husband unexpectedly. Also, discover what to do if you bump into him with his new partner.

How to be a fun and exciting woman, so that you are more mysterious and attractive.

Discover why an apology is NOT what he is looking for. This is a very important concept to understand. Also, more importantly, you'll learn how to find out what he DOES want, so you can grow together by understanding him more.

Fixing Breakups - Hear real life case studies from people in a variety of situations who have been given a second chance and gotten back together with their ex's. Perhaps one of these situations will be like your own? In any event, they should be very inspiring to you and there are lots of amazing lessons to be learned from what worked and what didn't in getting their ex back.

How Can I Get My Ex to Love Me Again - if he seems to have lost interest or even if you have gone so far as to separate then learn from 2nd Chance on how to get your ex to love you again and start over and re-establish that old spark that your marriage once had and that you both loved.

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Consumer Feedback


"Just wanted to tell you a funny but a little spooky story. I have been patiently going through the steps of '2nd Chance' and am proud to say that I have not jumped too quickly to 'initiating contact', but have taken my time dealing with my emotions and my anger, and with accepting the end of the relationship. So two nights ago, at about ten p.m., I was doing the forgiveness exercise. I had forgiven myself and was precisely in the middle of forgiving HIM for the things I was angry at him about, when I got a text message from him asking me how I was. Can you guess my surprise? .... In the past eight months he has probably only sent me four text messages, so it is truly a bizarre coincidence. Or, maybe he felt somethin!?! .... Thanks for helping through this process in such a constructive and self-affirming way."

Actual user feedback from Becca Young

"Mirabelle Summers' easy-going yet outspoken style is but one indication that she is absolutely the perfect gal to share some much-needed straight talk with women about how to find and attract high-quality men."

Actual user feedback from Emily McKay, X & Y Communications,

"Dear Mirabella,
I've just downloaded your e-book (2nd Chance), scanned it and started to do the exercises, etc. etc.

My initial reaction: this is an amazing book, thank you so so much. ...... The audio lessons from Amy Waterman are simply wonderful. The anguish of the breakup was so big to me that it was so hard for me to forgive my ex, I kept returning to all the things he did wrong to me. Now I see I should really change the perspective of this to that of gratitude. I feel so so so relieved.

I can't thank you enough for that. Truly God had sent your materials to me at a moment when I felt really down."

Actual user feedback from Anna K.

2nd Chance Guide, plus Bonuses

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